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5 Ways to Enjoy Music with Kids

0 Comments 10 October 2012

Music is interwoven into television shows, movies, kids programming, where you shop and dine, and of course commercials because it’s a universal way to emote and communicate. Inspire. Make us feel better. One can hardly deny the power of music, yet easily forget to turn it on in our own homes.

Here are fun ways to share music with your kids every day:

#1 Dance, Dance, Dance

Even a few minutes of jumping and dancing to music together psychologically imprints the joy of family. You and your child will keep those mental pictures forever. Your willingness to participate reinforces your child’s sense of security.

Plus, music and dance help children naturally improve so many wonderful skills—creativity, listening, communication, balance, coordination, musicality, rhythm, rhyme, memory, expression, spatial awareness, speech, reading, math, and much more. From the first head bob to the latest cool move, dance is a window into child development.

#2 Build Confidence

Children love singing the classic sing-along songs and nursery rhymes over and over. Mastery of lyrics boosts confidence and language skills. But sometimes it’s fun for everyone to try something fresh. A good one for the car? The seriously uplifting Music from the Hit TV Show Fresh Beat Band. You may find yourself playing some of these even after school car line:

Track 2: Here We Go

Track 6: I Can Do Anything

Track 12: Another Perfect Day

Track 15: Surprise Yourself

Track 16: We’re Unstoppable

Track 19: Great Day

#3 Improve the Mood

For the everyday moment, a great pick-me-up for the little ones is a musical slideshow. Simply choose a random folder of family photos on the computer, open in slideshow, and pick some iTunes to fit the mood. Perhaps this is the modern equivalent of watching slides in the family room. Little ones just love seeing photos of themselves and the ones they love, but music narrates the story.

#4 Explore the World

Sharing a variety of music in the home is another way to learn about and explore the world. A wonderful selection is readily available at the library, on Pandora, on You Tube, among family and friends, and from companies like Putumayo Kids. Let your musical explorations lead the way and expand to related books, places, and foods.

#5 Capture and Recapture the Moment

Time passes and children grow up so quickly, but one song can take you right back to a cherished moment or season. Even if you don’t always find time to stop and record each milestone with the perfect photo and journaling, make sure to turn on some music each day. Without even trying, you and your children will be mentally preserving even the simple day-to-day routines.

Editor’s Note: Our soundtrack this summer was “Glad You Came” by The Wanted. At the first note, our children (then 4, 2, and 9 months) would light up with excitement and begin dancing. We loved the spirit of the song so much that we choreographed the chorus:

The sun goes down

The stars come out

And all that counts

Is here any now

My universe will never be the same

I’m glad you came

Glad You Came

We’re glad you came! Please leave a Comment about your family’s soundtrack.

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