Raw Silk Living Anthology

The stories I write in the Anthropology of Three series are stories I have been writing for many years in my mind, in my journals, and on random scraps of paper. I am honored to share them with you on Raw Silk Living.

As these words have unfolded the stories of our life, I have felt divinely inspired and shown again how art and life are miraculously intertwined. For me, the art of writing is a lyrical dance that emotes an echo of the past, a mirror for today, a whisper of possibility, a single thread of oneness. And when I read the words that form great stories and wonderful books, I feel as though I commune with humanity.

I invite you to read the stories of the Anthropology of Three series from the beginning. Simply follow the chronological list below.

As always, thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting. So happy you are here! xo, Sarah

Anthropology of Three


Calm and Gratitude in a Sea of Toys

Life’s Secrets from Marci: Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Reflections on Our Five-Year-Old’s Birthday

So Much Love in Us All

Embrace the Gravity of Today

What I Learned from Mommy in Kindergarten

Raising Saints, Poets, and Point Guards

Wherever We Shall Go, We Shall Find Love

You Gotta Get Up and Try Try Try

Today Was a Fairytale

Cinco de Mayo

I See a Rainbow

Turn Mourning into Dancing

Smallest Biggest Spurs Fan

Smallest Biggest Spurs Fan (Part II)

Smallest Biggest Spurs Fan (Part III)

Living and Breathing Basketball

One Day to Hold (Part I)

One Day to Hold (Part II)

One Day to Hold Video

One Day to Hold (Part III)

The Ceiling Can’t Hold Him

The Very Prettiest of Views


Also enjoy highlights from our Believe and Mindful Parenting series.



You Gotta Get Up and Try Try Try

Cinco de Mayo

Wherever We Shall Go, We Shall Find Love

Love to Boston

Find Hope in One Another

Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

I See a Rainbow



Mindful Parenting

Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children


Calm and Gratitude in a Sea of Toys

Re-Imagine Holiday Traditions

Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children


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