If We Believe, We Must Persist

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Five years ago today, I started a mother and baby essentials donation project called Love Bug Bundles after the birth of Baby #1.

Initially, I was surprised by how many doors were closed to me. Yet, I persisted until I could find a way forward. In the first 18 months, I worked vigorously to form partnerships with existing non-profits, collect new and used baby essentials, co-host workshops and showers to deliver more than 100 “love bug bundles” to mothers in need, and spread the word.

Still, my work was limited. I saw that I could do much more as an official 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, but I would need a board. Not just any board. I needed to work with individuals who shared a way of thinking. I found that in three special people—my husband, a dear long-time friend, and a dear new friend.

With the enthusiasm and energy of a great team, we made more great things happen. Donated event space. Reserved. Donated raffle prizes. Done. Enough supporters to fill events. There…and then some. We even set goals that we thought were unreachable—10,000 diapers in one afternoon. Our great supporters gave us 13,408.

Still, the gift of three babies in a short span of 3.5 years limited the number of hours focused on my original mission. I worried that I was not doing enough. However, I persisted. Persisted in believing what I could give would matter. Persisted in believing that more is to come.

I think we all question our own ability to make a difference. Even the kindest intentions can be met with cynicism. The most committed heart runs out of energy. The strongest vision is stretched too thin. You may want to turn away. Give up. Shut down. Yet, you must always believe in yourself. Believe in compassion. Believe in one another. Believe in hope. Believe in good.

What does persistence mean in your life? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note: The following excerpt was taken from the anniversary post that appeared on Love Bug Bundles blog.

Once upon a silent night five years ago, within a dark nursery, on a soft brown chair, wrapped in his mother’s loving arms, a seven-week-old Love Bug fell peacefully asleep. Savoring the warmth of her child’s little body, feeling their hearts beating together, the mother realized the name for an idea that had been stirring inside her since his birth. Love Bug Bundles. Read more.



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