Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

4 Comments 25 April 2013


Bob Marley Don't Worry

Shepherding little hearts through little things that are oh-so big to them can be a daily challenge as parents. The saying this too shall pass may be of some comfort until all these little things actually do pass by so quickly.

I hope we remember every teeny tiny, itty bitty, totally not-a-big-deal, funny, cute, adorable thing that our children worry about because they are too sweet and innocent to know to worry about anything else.


There are seams in my socks;

They bother my toes.


There is a bone on my pizza;

I don’t like crusts.


You flushed the potty;

That was my pee pee.


I wanted to buckle myself;

I am climbing out of this car so we can try this again.


There’s a tag in my shirt;

It itches. Can you please cut it out?


I hun-gee;

But doesn’t this banana, cracker, chicken, and cheese look better on the floor?


Nigh nigh, Momma-Da-dee;

Let’s just giggle and say “I lowe you” for another hour and a half.


I just want to be near you;

Can I please sleep in your bed?



What if my hand never finds the hole at the end of my sleeve?!


I really want to pet my dog;

But his nose is wet.


A yellow  ‘ment truck!!!

I have never seen a yellow ‘ment truck before.

Have you ever seen a yellow ‘ment truck before?

I have before, because I did today.



When we pay attention to even the littlest things our children say, we gain simple joy and peaceful wisdom—the perspective that our own little worries will be okay too.

Question of the day: What are the funniest and sweetest things you hear from your little one? Please share in the comments below!


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Photo credit Paul Lowry, Creative Commons (Edited by Raw Silk Living)




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  1. Lori says:

    I can hear their little voices saying all these things!

  2. Jaya says:

    I’ve been reading to keep me grounded as a parent. Your words are just beautiful and describe the amazing things of parenting. Nidhi’s 1st word after mama and dada was ball as well! She loves basketball. These days I love how she sings nursery rhymes, spontaneously starts saying her abcs. When she does,the hand motions to itsy bitsy spider or the wheels on the bus go round and round it makes my heart melt.

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