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12 Days of Renew You Before the Holidays {Day 3}

0 Comments 26 October 2012

Day 3: Get Outside

Avoid holiday stress by creating an outdoor morning ritual that helps you reflect and set an even tempo for your day. Wake a few minutes early to try one of these rejuventating activities:

Boost your mood by taking in some natural sunlight. According to the Mayo Clinic, even on cloudy winter days, a dose of natural light first thing in the morning can help reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, such as low mood and energy.

Find balance by taking a brisk walk and mentally orienting yourself for the day. The key word is orienting, not organizing—there are apps for that, like Remember the Milk. Instead, use your walk to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually focus on removing blocks between you and what is most important to you.

Relieve stress with some light gardening. Horticulture therapy is an ancient practice with proven benefits to mental and physical health. Watering plants can provide a relaxing, meaningful start to the day.

Meditate in an outdoor space. Simply reflect while listening, smelling, and watching all of the nuances of the natural world.

No matter where you live, elements of nature can help you create a gentle transition into your day.

12 Days of Renew You Before the Holidays - Day 3


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