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12 Days of Renew You Before the Holidays {Day 2}

0 Comments 25 October 2012

Day 2: Rehabilitate

In addition to the physical demands of raising young children, are you feeling your workout from Day 1? While the calorie burn, strength building, and pumped up neurotransmitters are motivating reminders of your road to wellness, a good workout might leave you with sore muscles. Here’s an easy 3-step rehab:

  1. Rehydrate and have a banana to restore depleted fluids and electrolytes. An all-natural alternative to sports drinks is coconut water {such as Vita Coco}.
  2. Massage away the tension using a high-density foam roller {like this one from Isokinetics}. With a range of therapeutic and strengthening applications, these rollers are commonly used to loosen muscles. Because you are working with your own body weight, you can easily massage your back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.
  3. Topical pain relief products can relieve lasting discomfort in muscles. Many clinical practitioners use Biofreeze, a unique cold therapy.

To enjoy the full benefit of being active, make time to restore your body. Tell us, how do you rehabilitate after your workout?

12 Days of Renew You Before the Holidays - Day 2


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