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The Beginning Is Always Today

0 Comments 01 January 2013

Looking back on the past year, individually and collectively we have experienced countless blessings and perhaps some of our deepest sorrows. May you have peace in the fullness of your life. May you find joy, hope, and love in everything you imagine for your life this year.

In 2012, we were blessed to begin Raw Silk Living with the vision to exchange real, simple, practical information on raising a family with intention and imagination. As we are still at the very beginning of this journey, we thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing. We look forward to discovering the possibilities, always with the goal to encourage and support families with positive, meaningful messages.

We hope you enjoy this video. Please be sure to Like, Share, and leave a Comment about your hopes for this year. And remember…the beginning is always today.

“The beginning is always today.” —Mary Shelley


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