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Make Pink

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In our home, one of the most frequently asked questions is Can we do arts and crafts? We love art. We love creating art. Yet, daily activities can make it difficult to pre-plan, set up, and clean up big projects.

‘Make Pink’ is one we love that is easy, fun, and pink!


  • Shallow pan with lid
  • White drawing paper
  • White and red paint
  • Golf ball or marbles
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brush

Skill Focus—planning and preparation, listening and following directions, fine motor, creativity, patterns and texture, color theory, art appreciation.


1. Gather Materials—Involve your child in the process of gathering materials and setting up your work area. Review your materials together aloud as an exercise in preparation.

Pink Paint Materials

2. Make Pink—Help your child squeeze red and white paint on a paper plate. Allow your child to make a unique shade of pink.

Pink Paint Mix

3. Paint the Golf Ball—Invite your child to use the paint brush to gently roll the ball on the plate to coat it with paint.

Pink Paint Golf Ball

4. Create Artwork—Place a sheet of white drawing paper in the bottom of the pan (if needed, cut to fit), place the paint-coated golf ball on top of the paper, and cover the pan with the lid. Encourage your child to use concentration and coordination to roll the ball across the paper to create abstract textured art.


  • Introduce challenges, such as creating an image, pattern, or curved and zig-zag lines.
  • Use a box or tube with an opaque lid, only revealing the abstract artwork at the end.
  • With any remaining paint and paper, allow your child the freedom to express themselves through creative painting or a handprint.

Pink Paint Pan

5. Display in a Gallery—Showcase your child’s latest masterpieces in a special place for the whole family to appreciate.

Pink Paint Gallery


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