Cutting Snowflakes



4 Comments 11 December 2013

Happiness is truly about intention. And, I believe, it is the same with the Magic of Christmas. You must only believe. Believe in one humanity. Believe in one lasting peace. In the midst of our […]

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Dewberry Farm

Anthropology of Three


2 Comments 02 December 2013

For one to experience the true brilliance of autumn in South Texas, one must graciously regard the intermittent days of crisp air and cool breezes. Here, where sweltering summer days linger and reemerge, the quiet […]

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Pensacola Pier

Anthropology of Three

One Day to Hold Video

2 Comments 21 November 2013

Every day, Baby #2 asks me about heaven. Today she asked where is heaven? When is Marci coming home from heaven? How high is God? I have somehow managed to never let her see me […]

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YMCA Soccer 2013

Anthropology of Three

The Very Prettiest of Views

0 Comments 14 November 2013

In my eyes, soccer is about presence. About trying something. About trying something new when you have safely mastered something else. Soccer is about the earth and the sky. The effort and the joy. The […]

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Have a Merry Hallowe’en!

Anthropology of Three, Culture and Media, Videos

Have a Merry Hallowe’en!

0 Comments 31 October 2013

From our spooky bunch to yours, have a very merry Hallowe’en! This year, in addition to carving two jack-o-lanterns, we made an indoor train for our spooky friends! After creative engineering, our cardboard decorating team […]

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Little Bitty Video

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Little Bitty Video

0 Comments 11 October 2013

When we fell in love at nineteen, we had one little bitty dream.   Read the beginning of our story here: One Day to Hold (Part I) One Day to Hold (Part II) One Day […]

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One Day to Hold (Part III)

Added on 25 February 2014

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When I think of myself as a little girl, I often recall a day when I was no more than four or five years old in downtown San Antonio. Skipping and twirling in a hand-embroidered […]



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