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Have a Merry Hallowe’en!

0 Comments 31 October 2013

From our spooky bunch to yours, have a very merry Hallowe’en!

This year, in addition to carving two jack-o-lanterns, we made an indoor train for our spooky friends! After creative engineering, our cardboard decorating team skipped quickly to the much more fun job of ride operating.

Going trick or treating? We hope weather will not put a damper on your adventure!

For those looking for a healthy balance, I thought I would share our Halloween candy tradition. When you return home and sort through the goodies, ask your children to select a few pieces of candy to keep. Then, place the rest outside for the Great Pumpkin. Some time between bedtime and morning, a new treat will arrive in their candy buckets. The Great Pumpkin might even arrive by the time they brush their teeth!

Wishing you safe and happy trick or treating!!!

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