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2 Comments 21 November 2013

Every day, Baby #2 asks me about heaven. Today she asked where is heaven? When is Marci coming home from heaven? How high is God?

I have somehow managed to never let her see me cry when responding. Somehow always found simple words. Somehow each day myself become a little better in my soul.

I pray every day for words. Humble words to help her comprehend. And the words, they come. They may not be perfect, but they are all I can give. I cannot claim them as mine alone, surely carried by the Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints.

One bright day, in a quiet moment after one of our conversations, sitting on the carpet in the playroom, the sun shining in on us through the windows that frame a serene view of our back yard, she walked toward me affectionately holding a red toy heart in both hands, saying, “You are the best girl to make people feel calm, Momma. You’re my heart’s dream come true.”

Baby #2 possesses the sweetest purity, not knowing to doubt, only hoping to one day see that which her heart already knows. In a journey all her own, she is forming a faith in things unseen.

I do not wish away her questions about heaven. I am grateful to her for the daily gift of knowing that we are all part of one amazing love, all returning to that love one day. In life, our joy and sorrow are so inextricably intertwined. We may lament the profound juxtaposition of those moments that cause us to rejoice and those that cause us to weep. Yet, these joys and sorrows all come from love, all lead to gratitude.

For those of you who have been reading my series titled One Day to Hold, this video is the preview for a much longer written piece, part three in the series. I have been writing this portion of the story for the past three months and, in truth, a lifetime. I look forward to sharing in the near future and hope you will find time to read the in-depth story, one about our love, our faith, and heaven.

This video, capturing our trip to Pensacola, Florida and Disney World in February 2013, tells the story of our family. In our eyes, it was much more than a vacation. Overwhelmingly grateful for God’s gifts, we were a family grieving, having lost our beloved cat Marci, deepening the pain of numerous losses and almost losses, sorrows that mirrored the depth of our greatest joys. We planned a trip in lieu of birthday parties or a weekend holiday nearby. As if in ceremony, a remembrance of souls we will always love, we planned a celebration of life, its beauty and its flow.

On November 29, 2013, the day after Thanksgiving, we will be blessed to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. This video and the forthcoming conclusion of the One Day to Hold series are merely my humble attempt to convey my heart, my vision of a fairytale, shared with a prayer that it may solely be of benefit to you.

I believe we are only here to love one another, and in doing so, we ourselves are transformed again and again, shedding fears like cocoons, our souls awakening, able to fly once again.

I wish you only peace, hope, faith, and above all love. Walking in faith, may you wear love as a holy token around your neck. Hold it in your hands each day. Give it freely and anywhere you can. Always make wishes and forever believe.

In life, we have so many times to rejoice and so many times to grieve. We must see in all our days a time to be grateful. May you always know a constant love surrounds you.


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Pensacola Pier


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  1. Lori says:

    Beautiful words from you and Baby#2.

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